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I love my fat Bike. I have had two up to now. They are cheaper to charge and run than your car, the pain of any cyclist is getting flat tyres.

If you have persistent punctures when cycling your fat tyre bike, then please consider using a tire liner. This item will provide extra protection for your inner tube. I tried all sorts of products. Slime didn’t work for me consistently, so I decided to try the tire liners. They have been one of my best purchases and I have not had one puncture in the lining area since.

These are compatible with tyres we sell check out our fat tyres and our white walled tyres here.


For the price, they are one of the few products that don’t wear out. Insert them into both wheels, and you will be safe from thorns and it won’t affect your tyre pressure or ride of the bike. They have proved an ideal solution.

For some reason, because the fat tyres are wider, you do seem to pick up more punctures. This is a problem and can be extremely annoying, leaving you to get stranded occasionally. The repairs are costly, so I was determined to find a better solution. I used tannus armor on my electric mountain bike, but they do not do this for fat tyre bikes yet, but it is also quite tricky to fit.

The other option is to go tubeless and use sealant, which allows you to use a lower tyre pressure. This setup does work better on electric mountain bikes and road bikes, but not so well on Fat bikes, which are more similar to car tires.

Sadly, you will still pick up the odd puncture, but you will not get any. It protects the area unless you run over a particularly large bit of glass or a long nail. I have not had this happen. The only puncture I got was when a valve failed. Not much you can do about this. In the long run, it will improve safety overall.

It will stop those little thorn flats, which can be especially frustrating.


The fat bike tyre liners are inserted to stop you from getting punctures and they are easy to fit. They fit inside your front and rear tyres, into the gap between tyre and casing. This means that if there is glass or any hard sharp object on the way, it will hit this liner first before getting to your tube.

There is nothing particularly clever about this solution. It’s quite basic but it’s the best solution out there right now, moving into 2022. I hope one day all tyres will be puncture-proof and not need this kind of solution.

I was constantly getting punctures all the time, even when I was using something like slime in the inner tubes.

They are also a relatively cheap solution. Fixing punctures isn’t a cheap solution mainly because of the time you waste doing them, especially if it’s the back wheel, which can be particularly hard to remove on some occasions. They also do not wear out so will not need to be replaced.


The cost of a tyre liner is around £20 – 30 but they are quite hard to source in the UK, Mr. Tuffy Tyre is one of the popular fat bike liner brands and it is around $20 but costs more to import it on eBay. I am sure in the future this may be more widely available.

The cost of the alternative is either keep fixing punctures every week or, even worse, having to keep going to your local bike shop for help, replacing inner tubes, or using sealant to puncture to proof your tyres. This all costs money.


They are generally easy to fit. The only downside is you may have to take the front and rear wheels off to fit them perfectly. You won’t need to take your bike into the shop to do this, you don’t need any special tools either.

However, you don’t have to remove the wheel, but it is better to take the whole wheel off and do it properly.

Here are my recommendations for the best installation.

  1. Tape the tyre liners to the inside of your tyre, obviously making sure it’s in the middle of the tyre, thus protecting the inner tube. The only downside is if you have to take the whole tyre off completely, but honestly, this is the best way, as the liner will stay and not move around, which it does a little normally anyhow.
  2. Remove the wheel and open one side of the tyre off the rim and just deflate some of the inner tubes, you can then put your hand inside the tyre and feed the tire liner into the right area on top of the inner tube. This can be tricky as the inner tube needs to be inflated enough to hold the liner in place as you feed it in.

  3. It is possible to do it without taking the wheel off by deflating the tyre enough to open the tyre and feed the liner in. However, I had not been able to get the knack for doing this just yet.

Don’t try to stick the tire liner to the inner tube as this will strangle your inner tube and burst it. If you figure out a better way to do it, please let me know.

As I did not get any instructions with my tire liners, I had to figure this out myself.


Length: 20 inches + 26 inches
Width: 80mm
Manufacturer: Maxford
Weight: 333 grams


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20-26 × 8.5 cm




20 inch, 26 inch

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