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Fat Bike electric Tyre centre hubcaps (2 items enough for one wheel), wheel covers 20×4 inch

You will get 2 covers for the price, I did originally put them at £75 for 4 covers but I’ve had lots of people ask for just 2, enough for one wheel so I’ve decided to sell them in pairs now rather than 4 sets as this seems to work better for most people, as then you can buy different style for the front wheel and back wheel if you so wish.

If you’re proud of an electric fat bike owner looking to give your rides a unique and personalised touch, your options have been somewhat limited. While you could attach lights, they’re primarily visible at night. But now, we have an exciting new product that’s designed just for you – hubcaps for your fat tyre bike, this could prove to be the ultimate Fat Tyre bike accessory.

Fat bike with fitted hubcaps

They are known by many different names in different countries, mostly known as wheel rims in the USA, sometimes called wheel covers, mostly known as hub caps in the UK. However, this is mostly associated with cars and not cycling.

Our hubcaps come in a range of vibrant colours and styles, including Red, Black, Camouflage, and a colourful option that’s sure to turn heads. What sets these hubcaps apart is their durability. Unlike some of the flimsy wheel covers available in the past, our hubcaps are constructed from solid, high-quality plastic.

You can easily attach them to your bike with three locking nuts – simply screw them into place, and they’ll stay securely in position, even during your most adventurous rides. You might recall Deko Disks, a brand known for its wheel covers with patterns. Unfortunately, Deko Disks seems to have gone out of business now, sadly. While they offered a similar product, our hubcaps are made from a sturdier material, ensuring longevity and style that lasts.

Why do we need them?

They are not essential to your bike, but they do look cool and enhance the design and feel of your bike. They can enhance the look of your bike, as the spokes area can often be quite an ugly part of the electric bike or bike you own.

It is a nice touch. You can even add different colours to the front and back if you wish,

A high-quality lightweight hub cap can make all the difference in delivering an enjoyable ride experience. Identify what’s essential for you across these factors, do research on the best brand options available and don’t be afraid to experiment with different types to find what works best for you.

  • According to a 2023 report on the global Bicycle Market, demand for fat e-bikes has increased by almost 12% over the past five years.
  • The same report highlighted that 70% of all fat ebike sales are destined for off-road users, which includes those seeking appropriate wheel hubs for their custom-builds, or custom accessories.
  • Amongst these, around 65% were looking for wheelsets specifically designed for winter commuting, trail mountain biking and adventure biking, driving up the market for specialised wheel hubs, including a fat e-bike option.

How do you fit them?

Unfortunately, it does mean having to remove your wheels to fit them. I know this makes your palms all sweaty getting that back wheel off, especially if you use an electric bike and have to disconnect the power cable, but there is no other way, and it’s good practice right ha?

There is a knack for fitting them, you will be convinced they don’t fit at first but please look at my YouTube video for help if you cannot fit them

Now fitting them if you are doing this alone, is very challenging, and I did do quite a lot of swearing the first time I installed them, the hard bit is just lining the bolt holes up while holding each cover in place, now all you need if someone to help you, just get someone to hold one side and its very simple do this way, or get someone at your local bike shop to help you, I managed to do it by myself, if I can do it you definitely can, it can just be a little frustrating.

The nuts are very precisely sized so it does at first look like they won’t fit, but I assure you they do, they are specifically for the 20×4.0 bikes, any thinner or thicker and they won’t fit as the locking bolt is designed for this size wheel, so they fit but they have to be precise so there is no movement of the hub cover when riding.

I plan to make a YouTube Video showing how to fit them. It shouldn’t be too hard, it is probably the hardest bit of removing the wheels, but I am sure we have all had to do this when we get a puncture or go tubeless etc.

I am sure these can be fitted to any bike with 20-inch wheels, so even a mountain bike or BMX could still fit them. It’s just the locking, but is especially long for fat tyre bike users.

Can This Item be customised?

Yes, this item can be made to any custom design if you have any specific design you want to use, you can share it with me and we can work on getting those made for you, obviously, this is going to cost extra, if you want to do this just email me at tell me what you are looking to do and share an image, I will get back to you with a price and we can take it from there,

Are there any downsides to them?

The main downside is if you need to inflate your tyres you have to remove them, as you cannot get to the inflation tube, which is a little annoying

You will need to clean them occasionally, as the wheels do tend to get muddy when you are on those long trails, so the mud and sand will need to be cleaned off, but they don’t need a lot of maintenance, and they are quite sturdy and won’t move around when you are riding.

The ride feeling is slightly different if you are super sensitive to this. Maybe not for you, but the whole diameter of the wheel is not taken, so wind can pass through the gaps. It’s not like having a disc wheel as you see on racing bikes, as if it gets caught in strong wind and can cause some grip and traction problems, or in the real world, wobbling about a lot, so I wouldn’t worry about this too much.

Good Points?

I am sure, on the upside, they will offer some protection of those precious spokes, and I am not sure if there will be much of a performance enhancement. They are mainly just for show and to make your bike stand out in a crowd. 

These hub caps are designed to be lightweight and highly durable, constructed from tough plastic. Similar to many car hub caps, they may not feature intricate designs, but this simplicity serves a purpose. Wheels endure a fair share of wear and tear, making a sturdy, no-nonsense material like plastic a smart choice.

This item is a totally new product for my site, so we do have limited stock for the time being. If we sell more, I’ll get more. Hopefully, in time we can do something about the price of them too. If there is more demand, it’s kind of a niche product.

Backordering This Item

This item is available for backorder, ensuring that you will be among the first to receive it once new stock arrives. Please note that this item has a shipping time of 6 weeks. If you choose to backorder, we appreciate your understanding of this timeframe. Should you decide to cancel your order during the 6 weeks, we completely understand and will happily process a refund for you, so long as you request before the item is sent out obviously

Delivery time and international orders

The delivery time on this item is around 3-5 days normally for UK deliveries, sometimes sooner sometimes longer, you need to give it 10 days or so as things can be delivered slower occasionally.

We do ship internationally to anywhere in the world, you can purchase this item just by following the shop links, you can message me and send me your delivery details if you want a detailed quote for shipping.

Refunds and returns

If you don’t like the item and want to return it, it’s fine just return the item to my address with a note of your name and your details, we will refund you no problem, you will have to pay for the return shipping though.

Weight2 kg

Black, Red, Multicoloured, Camouflage

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