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These are Goggles I personally use on my outdoor rides, which is why I am adding them to this store. I tried many different sunglasses and goggles, but most of them were disappointing as they had holes where dirt would get into them or flies or were not comfortable. When cycling, as I suffer from dry eyes and blepharitis, getting wind or dust, or any dirt in my eyes can be very debilitating. These cycling sunglasses are 99% windproof and comfortable. It’s pretty much impossible to be totally windproof as some wind can still sneak in.

These lenses are designed to protect the wearer from harmful ultraviolet light and glare, giving you a UV index of up to 400, and UV protection helps to protect the cornea and retina of the eye and avoid any damage from harmful UV sun rays. They also impact resistance, which is especially important for those who work in dangerous or high-risk environments. Its excellent properties are widely used in the aerospace industry. They are very flexible.

The TPU frame is a thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer that is environmentally friendly, abrasion-resistant, and oil, water, and mold-resistant. It has high hardness, high load capacity, and outstanding impact resistance. The material has excellent flexibility and flexible performance and is not easily deformed or broken. The elastic band is made of 100% cotton and is adjustable in length.

They don’t have a frame. It is one entirely long curved lens. It also has a comfortable soft rubber seal around the edges of the lenses, to keep the wind out and dust when you are riding. Sadly, they are not polarised. I have not found any windproof cycling glasses there are polarised yet. Eyewear is an essential part of cycling as you want to keep it protected.

The item is very cool-looking, trendy, and fashionable. I have the blue ones in stock and maybe stock other colors in the future, so it’s perfect for you. If you are skiing, water-skiing, motorbiking, walking, or any kind of sport, I tend to use them when it’s really windy for whatever activity I am doing that day, but if you ski or snowboard for sport, they are a good choice and would work well in snow, as they are waterproof.  Perfect for commuters or any kind of outdoor activity.


There is nothing worse than being out on your bicycle and something getting in your eyes. It can totally spoil your ride, especially if you go up a mountain and miles from home.

I have used them in cold winter weather and in sunny warm weather in the UK and they have not failed me. They are very strong and give me added safety when doing outdoor off-road riding.

I usually just wear glasses and a normal cycling helmet, so I don’t know how they will fit if you wear an open-face helmet. I know a lot of bikers who started wearing one, especially when doing any downhill runs or sports runs.

What you can do is tighten them so no wind gets in, unless it’s a very windy day when you really shouldn’t be cycling anyhow. I wanted to add them so others could use them. I could not find anything better.

The only downside to these cycling sunglasses is the rubber can wear a little and leave a bit of dust on your face. However, I have a solution for you. What I do is, tape them up, place some tape around the rubber seal, and use a little craft knife to cut off any excess tape. So now, when I wear them, the rubber isn’t actually touching my face, so it won’t come off, and it doesn’t degrade either.

These glasses do not steam up when you are moving in summer or winter, they are excellent for sports use. They may steam up a little if you are boiling and stationary for a long time, but it’s not annoying. If you loosen the strap, they won’t steam up.

I would not add them if they constantly steamed up as this is very annoying when you tackle big hills on your electric bike.

As cyclists, we have so many choices of glasses and goggles, but I didn’t find any good ones that did have UV lenses or a lot of clear lenses, but they tended to be quite big goggles, like safety goggles and not cool-looking sunglasses.

You can find many different types on eBay and Amazon, but I tried many different items at many different price points. These were the best.

This item is great for winter cycling find out more here about cycling in the cold weather, I also used these goggles when I was delivering food to people, more here.


Windproof cycling goggles offer a number of benefits for cyclists. They help to keep the wind out of your eyes, which can help you to see better and stay more focused while riding. They also help to protect your eyes from the elements, including dust, dirt, and debris. Additionally, windproof cycling goggles can help to keep your eyes from watering, which can improve your vision and help you to ride more safely.


They fit perfectly, they don’t have any holes anywhere which a lot of other cycling glasses have, so nothing can get into your eyes while you are riding. You can adjust how tight they are with the strap. It’s very easy to do. I usually have them pretty tight but not tight enough to leave indentations on my face.

Not only do they fit well but they ooze style and fashion with the blue lens.


Assuming you have a pair of windproof cycling goggles, here are some tips on how to care for them:

-When not in use, store your goggles in a clean, dry place.

-Before using your goggles, make sure they are clean and free of any debris.

-When cleaning your goggles, use a mild soap and water solution. Avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaners as they can damage the lens.


Lens Material: Polycarbonate

Frame Material: thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)

Lens Style: Spherical double layers

UV400 Protection Coating: Yes

Anti-fog Coating: Yes


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