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There are rim protectors for Fat tyre bikes, for the wheel size 20 inches and 26 inches, the width is 80 mm which is standard.

There is nothing worse when you are out for your daily exercise than getting a flat tyre in rush hour traffic. It is so common to pick up road debris,  often you will remove the tyre and expect to find a normal puncture, but if the puncture is on top of the tire it can be caused by rim tape failure.

If you have had your bicycle for a while, then you will know that the rim protection tape after a while starts to peel. This can be a problem because the rim tape stops the spoke head from punching the inner tube. Once it does this, it can cause a puncture as the steel spokes or steel spoke head can come through the rim tape and impact your inner tube, I remember my confusion the first few times this happened and I could not figure out why. This can also damage your wheels and tires.

1. Nylon rim tape is used to line the inside of a bicycle wheel rim, to guard against rim tape failure, and used as protection for your inner tubes, and one of the essential accessories to keep punctures at bay.

2. It is used to protect the tube from punctures and to help keep the tube in place, and safeguard against rim tape failure or spoke head punctures.

3. Nylon rim tape is available in different widths to fit different widths. Most bikes have this rim tape, however, some mountain bikes don’t need it.

4. It is important to choose the correct width of rim tape for your bike to avoid problems, the right size will offer you maximum protection.

5. Nylon rim tape is easy to install and is available at most bike shops, installation does require you to remove the wheel, but installation once everything is taken off takes seconds.

6. Most rim tape is durable and made from nylon or polyester, or just tape, they are lightweight and secure.

7. Nylon rim tape is more durable than polyester and is less likely to tear, they feel a bit like plastic but they are elastic so can be stretched.

8. Nylon rim tape is available in different colors, but black is the most popular.

9. Nylon rim tape is an essential part of a fat tire bike.

How does nylon rim tape Guard fat tyre bikes?

Nylon rim tape is a very thin layer of material that is placed between the inner tube and the rim of the wheel. It is used to protect the tube from punctures and to help keep the tyre in place. Nylon rim tape is available in a variety of widths and thicknesses, its lightweight and durable and rarely fails. The width of the tape should be slightly wider than the width of the rim.

What are the benefits of riding a nylon-rim tape-fat tyre bike?

Nylon rim tape is a great help for fat tyre bikes because it provides a layer of protection between the tube and the spoke heads, which can prevent flats. It also makes it easier to remove and replace a tyre, as the tape can be used to hold the bead in place while the tyre is being removed.  It can prevent damage to the actual wheel itself, as well as the inner tube, installation is easy but does require you taking the wheels off and tyre.

How does nylon rim tape protect rims?

Nylon rim tape is thin, is a stretchy nylon strip, and is applied to the spoke bed of a wheel. Its primary purpose is to prevent the spokes from puncturing the inner tube and causing a flat tire. It is also effective at protecting the rim from abrasion and spoke nipple pull-through. Nylon rim tape is made from a variety of materials, including polyester, Kevlar, and nylon and feels like stretchy plastic.
You do not need this kind of thing on a cars alloy wheels because they do not have this spoke issue, so these are not for use on cars, or any other vehicles.

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Perfect for a wide range of uses, the rim strip will ensure that your rims last longer and work better.

Rim tape is a must-have for cyclists. It’s a piece of rubber that fits between your wheel rim and tire, and it protects the rim from scratches, tears, and other damage. In addition to protecting your rims from damage, rim tape can be used to prevent your rims from drying out and cracking. If you’re not sure how much time you should spend on cleaning your bike after riding it through wet weather, then read our guide on how often you should clean your bike.


Hopefully, people will come to realize this kind of gear can be as useful as your saddle, helmet, and seat. If you enjoy using your leisure time cycling, be it on the street urban cycling, or using the path and pavement of the UK.


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20 inch, 26 inch

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