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Ouxi H9 Fat Tyre Electric bike 250 watts 15ah battery

This is the new H9 fat tyre electric bike. This is an upgraded version of the V8 ebike which was a very similar bike, but this is a slightly upgraded bike in that it has hydraulic brakes compared to the other bikes that had mechanical disk brakes. Hydraulic brakes are better at stopping you and easier to maintain.

This bike is a great bit of eco-friendly technology useful to anyone who enjoys cycling or is a daily commuter or even a food delivery rider, looking for a bike with efficient performance. This bike does not have a throttle. However, it does have pedal assist technology, which means the motor will kick in when you turn the pedals.

This bike also has a large 15-ampere hour rechargeable battery which is 48 volts, which in total is 250 watts. The range would roughly be between 30–50 miles depending on factors. If you want to know more about figuring out an e-bikes range, you can with the link provided. You will get a battery charger for the bike. You can remove the battery to charge it indoors.

This electric bike has a shock absorber or suspension at the front forks and is ready to give you a nice smooth ride, as well as a nice comfortable seat that isn’t too small and won’t hurt your behind like those tiny saddles you see on racing bikes.

The tyres are 20×40 fat tyres, so they give you lots of grip for offroad if you want to ride it there but can be used on roads as well. The fat bikes are always so much fun to ride and look very cool, sometimes very eye-catching.

The ride on this bike can be more comfortable for people with back issues, unlike on a mountain bike or traditional racing bike. You are not bent or hunched over, you are sat up in the seat and can keep your back straight. This can help on long rides.

It also has a large front headlight and a rear light which can be controlled from the front controls of the bike. It also has turning indicators on the rear lights, so you can signal when you turn corners.

The bike is not foldable, and I would have to say it is not a lightweight bike. It’s pretty heavy and chunky, a very sturdy bike, but has urban design and would be a superb mode of electric transportation that would be very eye catching.

Legal information about this electric bike

This bike has a 250-watt motor which is legal to use on UK roads. however, this bike can be de-restricted which would mean it would be illegal on UK roads, so you can do this but it will be at your own risk

If you want to learn more about e-bike law here, we have articles in detail about this, talking about the different wattage of bike motors.

If you wish to know more about the e-bike message me on social media or email me, and I will answer any questions.


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Returns and refunds

If you decide that you do not want this bike and want to return it for a refund you can do this within 7 days no questions asked, however you will have to pay the return shipping out of your own pocket, this will not be refunded, and it must be in the condition it was sent to you in, it cannot be used


Why people love our products

High-quality, ethically sourced products at affordable prices

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Side view of H9 Fat Bike

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