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The Ouxi v1 electric bike is motorised and has a 250 watts motor, it has a 35v battery which is 7.8 amp hours, you can expect to get between 10 to 20 miles per charge, and it has built-in lights, it is also pretty cool looking.  There is an app for your phone where you can do lots of things like record your rides and even lock the bike, it has 12-inch tiny wheels. If you are looking for the documents, manual, QR codes, and instructions for this bike you can find them here at this link.  More about what is an electric bike here.

If you are looking for something similar in size then check out our new eco flying F501 bike it is a little bit more expensive but better quality.

Setting up the bike

The bike does come in a big box, it was all complete all I had to do was attach the handlebar stem, you have to press the button on the handlebar stem to drop them down, to reveal the Allen key slot for you to tighten the handlebars up which took me a while to figure out only to realize the instructions are on the back of the booklet. you then just have to put the seat on and tighten it up with the tools provided and mess about with the brakes, also had to pump up the tires.

You will need to charge the bike, of course, it is also rechargeable with the battery charger.

About the v1 Electric bike

This is a small e-bike made by the company, OUXI and it is called the V1 electric bike, it is a very small compact bike, you can fold down the handlebars and the seat to fit it into the back of your car.

There are two versions of this bike a 12-inch wheel and a 14-inch wheel, this is the 12 inches smaller wheel bike This bike has 3 riding modes, you can use no electricity and pedal, you can turn the electric on and pedal and use the pedal-assist, but there is also an all-electric mode where you can use the mini throttle once you have pedaled to get the bike moving.

This bike is 250 watts motor which is the legal limit in the UK for an electric bike, it has 2 sizes of battery either 6.6 or 7.8 the bigger battery good for 10 to 20 miles range this is the 7.8 version, it is very easy to ride but is very small so wouldn’t suit anyone taller than 5ft 10 inches, I am 6ft and I can ride it but I wouldn’t want to ride it every day.

This is also a single speed, so there is no gear changing it has a chain but there is one cog, which I am sure you are thinking well how do you get up hills? it is pretty easy, I managed to get up some quite steep roads where I live with no particular problem at all, however, the motor does groan a lot when you do this depending on the gradient and how fast your cadence is.

This bike does have a well-padded seat and the suspension is very good better than my other bikes amazingly, the brakes are very good too but they are mechanical disc brakes so I did have to mess with them to alter them, but once I did they stop the bike well.

You turn the bike on with a button on the handlebars and then just pedal it is that simple, there is a QR code you can scan to download the app, which is good, I was impressed with how you could mess with the settings of the bike in the app, the app did ask me for a password I just put 5 or 6 zeros in at a guess and it let me in.

The app uses Bluetooth so you will need a phone with this once you’re close to the bike it detects the bike and you can use it,  you can even use the app to diagnose any problems with the app see where you have been cycling, speed distance charge left in the bike, all pretty amazing stuff. so if you have a problem with the bike  It comes with a charger and there is a plugin the socket at the back of the bike you cannot take the battery out unfortunately but the bike is so small it shouldn’t be a problem.

Delivery and Warranty

All parts that do not degrade over time are covered by Warranty, please note this does not include water damage, this bike is only for use in light rain.

Brakes tires etc are not covered as these degrade over time, any issues with the bike contact us ASAP

Delivery will take around 5-10 days depending on stock levels.


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