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Inner Tubes for Electric Fat Tyre Bikes: Big Wheels Keep on Turning!

Whether you’re a seasoned electric fat tyre biker or a weekend warrior, our fat bike tubes are designed to elevate your cycling experience. Perfect for tackling diverse terrains, from muddy trails to snowy paths, these tubes provide the durability and traction needed for off-road adventures. A quality fatbike inner tube for stability and durability.

Before making a purchase, please confirm your wheel dimensions as our bike inner tubes are specifically designed for 20-inch and 26-inch wheels with a 4-inch width, or 20×4 0 or 26×4 0 wheels. To optimise your setup, we also offer a variety of tyres that perfectly complement our inner tubes. Explore our shop to find the right tyres and take advantage of our bundle deals for inner tubes and tyres, I personally love Fat bikes so stock a lot of fat bike items. This ensures you get precisely what you need for a seamless and efficient upgrade to your bike.

Why Choose Our Fat e-Bike Tubes?

Our fat bike innertubes are made from high-quality butyl rubber, offering exceptional puncture resistance and the ability to withstand various outdoor conditions. Whether you’re riding through city streets or exploring rugged mountain biking trails, our tubes provide the reliability and performance you need. The fat bike tubes we stock are renowned for their quality and resilience, ensuring that your bike is equipped to handle any mountain adventure.

  • Optimised for Traction and Grip: Designed to enhance your bike’s traction on slippery surfaces like mud, sand, and snow, our fat bike tubes allow you to ride with confidence.
  • Durable: Crafted from robust materials, these tubes are built to resist tears and punctures, keeping you rolling through the most challenging conditions.
  • Versatile Fit for FatBikes: Available in popular sizes like 20×4.0 and 26×4.0, our tubes are compatible with a wide range of fat bicycles, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance.

Comprehensive Guide to Fat eBike Tubes

Understanding the importance of the right tube for your fat bike is crucial for maximising performance and enjoyment. Our tubes are specifically designed for fat tires, providing essential cushioning and support for your rides. Whether you’re cruising through urban landscapes or taking on off-road challenges, our fat bike tubes are your trusted companion.

  • Schrader valve type: These are the car valve style Fat tubes, not presta valve. These exist, but we do not sell them.

Shop, Inflate, and Explore!

  • Easy Payment Options: We provide a variety of payment options including major credit cards and Apple Pay, ensuring a seamless purchase process. Please note, PayPal payments are currently not supported.
  • Fast UK Delivery: Enjoy free delivery on orders across the United Kingdom. With our efficient dispatch system, expect your order to arrive within 1-5 days.
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If you are getting a lot of punctures, you might want to consider getting some tyre liners for your fatbike, as fatbikes do have a lot of grip but also a lot of rubber in touch with the road, if not maybe go tubeless and then you won’t need any innertubes at all, as inner tubes are not puncture resistant.

We also sell tires for fatty and snow bikes, all-terrain, we sell road tyres for road riding white wall tyres, and off-road tires for the ultimate choice in grip and those mountain trails.

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Join our community of cycling enthusiasts and elevate your biking experience with our top-notch fat bicycle tubes and other cycling products. Whether you’re into BMX, electric bikes, or classic road cycling, our wide range of tubes and bike accessories are designed to enhance your ride.

Product FAQs

How to install an inner tube on a fat tyre bike?

Installation is pretty simple but you are going to have to remove the tyre, it’s best to put the inner tube into the tyre and inflate it to hold the tube in place, then put the wheel back on the bike, then fully inflate the inner tube, until the tyre is at a good pressure, be careful as they are only made of rubber and check the inside of tyre before you complete fitting.

My inner tube keeps getting punctured when I replace it, but I can’t find a puncture on the inner-tube. What should I do?

This is quite common, my grandad taught me to inflate the inner tube and then plunge it into a blow of water, you will see bubbles where the air is coming out under the water, if no bubbles then it’s fine.

Why do I keep getting repeated punctures every time I change my innertube?

There are a couple of reasons why this happens, sometimes when you get a puncture the bit of metal or debris can get stuck into the tyre wall, and you need to run your hand around the inside of the tyre when you remove it, to make sure you remove anything stuck in the tyre wall or it will create another puncture as soon as you inflate the tyre again, also if the puncture is on the top of the fatbike tube, then check the rim of your wheel sometimes the spokes can poke through the rim tape and give you a puncture if so replace the rim tape, we have some on our store, called rim protectors, this has happened to me too it was very confusing at the time.

Can you get puncture-resistant inner tubes?

No some inner tubes have thicker rubber than others, but none of them would be resistant to punctures, the options you have are to install tyre liners or go tubeless, going tubeless would enable you to remove inner tubes from your bike all together.


20 inch, 26 inch

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