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Inner tubes for fat tyre bike 20×4.0 and 26×4.0

If you find yourself in need of a new, highly resistant fat bike inner tube, then you’ve come to the right place. Our inner tubes are crafted from durable rubber to enhance their durability and provide you with a product that can withstand even challenging riding conditions. We take pride in providing good quality inner tubes for your fat tyre bikes, complete with strong spokes, sturdy hubs, and smooth pedals. If you have had to repair a lot of punctures or replace a gear, frame, or chain, there will undoubtedly come a time when you need to replace the inner tube itself. For those moments, we’ve got you covered.

Here we carry 20-inch wheelbikes, complete with fat tires 4 inches wide, delivering improved traction and performance. These resilient tubes come with a well-contoured inflation system that ensures a snug fit for enhanced performance and durability. Packed with innovative features, these electric bikes are built to provide speed and stability, making them perfect for any race or adventure, regardless of the terrain.

Our product line has recently been supplemented with 26-inch inner tubes as well. They are also 4 inches wide and will fit 26-inch wheels, promising intense traction coupled with improved performance on various terrain.

Often referred to as snow bikes or beach cruisers, these bikes have pretty fat tyres and are perfect for both men and women. They are ergonomically designed with your comfort in mind, letting you cycle in an upright position with a firm, comfortable grip on the handlebars.

Valve type

The valves on these inner tubes are Schrader, the type of valve commonly found on car tyres. This type of valve makes tire inflation a breeze. As far as I am aware, Presta valve inner tubes don’t exist for fat bikes.

Fat bike tires enhance your ride by providing unparalleled traction and stability. They’re excellent for various weather conditions and all types of trails, but they really shine in snowy conditions. The treads on fat bike tires promise a smooth ride and help to keep you upright while you’re out enjoying the snow.

Going on a long cycling ride? Take my advice and bring a spare inner tube, tyre levers, and a puncture kit. Carrying these essentials will prevent you from being stranded due to an unexpected puncture. We encourage you to order more than one item to stock up on essential spares.

If you’ve ever tried navigating through mud or gravel with skinny tires, you’d know how challenging that can be. Fat bike tires, with their wide build, ensure your weight is evenly distributed over a larger surface area, ensuring a smoother ride on difficult terrain.

If you have fat-bike tires, you need fatbike inner-tubes.

Matching your fat bike tires with the right inner tubes is critical for optimum performance. They have bigger wheels, usually 20 or 26 inches, and usually 4 inches wide, making them known as 20×4.0 or 26.4.0 wheels that require corresponding inner tubes for the right frame size and chain length.

Remember, fat electric bike tires require a specific size of the inner tube as compared to those used on mountain bikes and road bikes. Despite the difference in size, the price remains quite similar. Fat bike tubes are specifically made to fit fat bike tires.

There’s an evident difference in the width of the tube between mountain bike and fat bike tubes. The latter are more stout to accommodate the extra width of your rims, optimizing your speed and handling on all types of terrains.

Of all the differences between regular bicycle inner tubes and fat bicycle inner tubes, the construction process is a key difference. Whereas regular bikes use Presta valves, fat bikes utilize Schrader valves like those found on cars – a key factor that enhances the durability and longevity of your fat bike tires.
Fat bike tubes, often made of durable butyl rubber, come in three common mountain bike tube sizes: 20″x4.0, 26″, 27.5″, and 29″. Known for their outdoor resilience, these larger-diameter tires are designed to allow for more air pressure, facilitating exploration over sand, snow, and mud while maintaining a proper grip on the handlebars. Fat bikes, originally designed for fun rides in snowy conditions with specific frame components like the seat, saddle, cassette, and chainring, are now versatile options used off-road in all kinds of weather conditions.

Fat Electric bike inner tubes come in different sizes.

Fat bike tubes are usually 4″ wide, but some fat bikes have tires up to 5″ wide! This means that for outdoor enthusiasts, the world of fat bike exploration comes with many options. You’ll need a wider tube than the standard mountain bike tube if you want to keep riding in chilly weather. Hence, ensure that your derailleur, shifter, and brake are compatible with the wider tire size.

Choosing the right fat bike tube requires attention to detail. Check the wheel size carefully. The tire marketplace offers a dazzling array of sizes suitable for many different bikes, including models with unique saddle and handlebar dimensions. Remember, mountain biking tyres and mountain bike inner tubes are often much slimmer.

You’re not going to believe it, but inner tubes aren’t as expensive as you might think. They can provide endless fun at a surprisingly low cost. Made from butyl rubber for lasting durability, inner tubes can be used on different types of bikes without significantly affecting their performance, from the cassette to the chainring.

Fatbikes tube will last as long as any standard inner tube.

If you’re looking for high-quality tubes, look no further. We stock products made for vigorous outdoor exploration and fun. We have tubes for sale and eagerly await your orders, which can also include components like handlebars, seats, and shifters.

Investing in a good inner tube for your fat bike could be just what you need to get back on the trails.

We also stock a wide range of products and accessories, from chainrings to derailleurs. With an array of options, we aim to cater to all types of cycling enthusiasts, from BMX riders to electric folding bikes, cargo bikes, even builders of city-run fixies

If you are looking for some fat bike quality tyres then we have some here, and if you like white wall fat tyres those are here


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