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Ouxi V1 Ebike, documents, manual and help videos page.

V1 bike evaluation

This is a fun bike to ride, it’s not expensive to buy around £500 which for an e-bike is very good value, it is only really made for shorter people so if you are over 5.10 it’s no good for you, the profile is a bit low down so if you are in traffic does feel very small this may be a problem for some people, it tackles hills with no problem but does moan a bit so can be a little noisy This is an ideal commuter bike as you can fold it up and take it into work, it has some great features some of which even the most expensive bikes don’t have. it will cruise at around 20kmph This bike is also not for use in heavy rain, it is made for just light showers which could cause problems for people who want to use this on wet days or in winter, which means you need somewhere dry to store the bike, like a garage or hut, as water damage would not be covered by the warranty. If you are looking for a bike to tour or climb big hills this is not the bike for you 

Review  and overview video

The following video is a review video but does also show you have to use the bike, retract the pedals and fit the stem on the bike

If you are looking for the Ouxi manual for the QR codes to the app they are in the below images.


Me delivering food on my ebike
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