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This item is often known by many names sometimes they are called Mountain Bike Shock Absorber Screw Mountain Bike Rear Shock Screws Full Suspension Mountain Bike Bolts, they are a very unusual type of fixing as they only screw into the end, the barrel of the screw is smooth, I do not think there is one fixed name for this fitting and it takes a lot of time to find them

If you bought the wheel covers for your fat bike, these bolts are supplied with the wheel covers which are 8x80mm bolts, if you are looking for spares to use on your covers.

You tighten them with an Allen key and screw head buries further into the bolts stock, thus moving two things together, they are pretty cool bolt

The Bicycle Link Lock M8 Bike Rear Shock Screws are essential components for full suspension mountain bikes, offering unparalleled strength and durability. Crafted from high-quality titanium alloy, these robust screws are designed to securely fasten the rear shock, ensuring stability and performance on rugged terrains. They are easy to install and disassemble, making them a great modified accessory for cycling enthusiasts. Lightweight and portable, these screws are easy to carry and store, making them a practical addition to any biking toolkit. Compatible with a variety of bicycles, including MTB, electric bikes, scooters, wheelchairs, and folding bicycles, these rear shock screws are a versatile and indispensable tool for any rider.

Binding Bolt Summary

  • Diameter: An M8 bolt has a diameter of 8 millimetres.


  • Furniture Assembly: Commonly used to join pieces of furniture securely, such as in flat-pack furniture.
  • Secure Fastening: Ideal for applications where a flush, strong connection is needed.


  • Pulls Pieces Together: As the screw is tightened into the binding bolt, it pulls the two pieces being joined together, creating a tight seal.

Visual Reference:

Here is an example image of a binding bolt with its corresponding screw:


  • Clean Finish: The smooth, flush finish is aesthetically pleasing and practical.
  • Strong Connection: Provides a robust and secure connection between the pieces being joined.
Bolt Size

64, 68, 70, 80

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