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iWheels V8 Electric Scooter 350 watt 10.5ah battery

The iWheels V8 350 watt motor adult electric scooter offers a significant upgrade to the ever-true D8, making commuting through city streets easy, even with the constant hum of cars and traffic around you. The new addition to the OOK TECH design holds a larger battery capacity of 10.5ah (ampere-hours), a longer drive range, an upgraded folding mechanism, and new braking technology. This electric scooter presents a sustainable, green solution that can save energy and reduce carbon footprints. With models such as the x7 max and Turboant V8 as competition, everything from the riding experience to comfort and performance is worth the price.

The scooter has 3 riding modes. It has a good battery which gives the scooter a good range of distance per charge they can go up quite steep hills and is strong and durable enough to endure the changing conditions and harsh environment at times of the United Kingdoms weather.


The evolution of electric scooter design styles has remained consistent since the beginning. The iWheels V8 model stands out with its simplicity and practicality, featuring a lightweight aluminium alloy frame that keeps the weight under 40 lbs for easy portability. The improved folding mechanism saves you time and energy with a portable, speedy 3-second fold feature — an ideal solution when you’re in a rush to catch the traffic lights or when parking spaces for cars are scarce.

How safe is the iWheel V8?

The iWheel V8 comes with powerful acceleration and top speeds of around 20 mph and has a 350 watt motor. Thanks to the shock absorption and spring suspension, you can guarantee safe stopping power. Whether you are negotiating bumps in the road, or facing inclines during hill climbing, the V8 wheel provides a solid riding experience. Plus, the scooter’s non-slip handlebars and deck surface promote a safe commute, helping to reduce the anxiety often associated with daily travel.


Riding at night or in rough weather conditions can be a daunting experience when you can’t see clearly. Fortunately, the iWheel V8 comes equipped with LED headlights as well as taillights with turn signals, ensuring that even in heavy traffic, you are visible to other cars and can signal your intentions properly.

What Are The E-Scooter Laws in The UK?

UK Laws

Please check out our electric scooter law page should give you more info

The legality of e-scooters in the UK remains a contentious issue. While they are legal to use on private land, they remain off-limits for use on public roads, pavements or grass. The law in the UK currently only allows rental or hired scooters in certain locations. Owning an e-scooter that hasn’t been hired or rented is considered illegal, and doing so could result in a fine or penalty points on your driving license.  There are motor regulations for electric bikes but currently all scooters are not legal on UK roads.

What is the maintenance? On an E-Scooter

One of the main advantages of the iWheels V8 electric scooter is that, unlike traditional cars, it doesn’t require frequent visits to the garage for petrol changes and maintenance. Checking for loose screws, changing the head/tail lights, or locking on a new tire is all the maintenance you need to do.

Braking System, Wheels, and Tires

The iWheel V8 e-scooter boasts durable 8.5-inch honeycomb tires, a solid and reliable structure for a smooth, safe ride even on a rainy day in heavy traffic. The high-quality shock absorbency technology and the excellent water resistance of the v8’s brake system add value to your investment. The iWheel V8, a popular commuter choice, also features an advanced lithium battery, emphasizing its mission to provide a green and sustainable solution for city commuters.
With gas prices keeping us on the edge of our seats, the stylish and cool iWheel V8 electric scooter offers a fast and fun alternative that will cost you a grand total price of nothing to run, thanks to its clean throttle mechanism! The batteries that run e-scooter motors are top-of-the-line products — a testament to quiet and seamless tech innovation. Moreover, the scooter’s honeycomb tire adds an extra layer of smoothness to the ride. A stem battery pack provides long distances and an impressive max speed, with a very long battery life. A rider’s commute of less than 30km can include commutes to their job, running errands, or a short, enjoyable spin down the road.

How long does it take to charge the v8 e-scooter?

Battery and Chargers

The iWheel V8 proudly showcases development by a high-tech enterprise. The company focuses on the hardware, intelligence, shipping, and innovation of this electric scooter, resulting in a sleek, stylish product. Starting with the LED display features, the iWheel V8 brings you all the fun bells and whistles of information right in front of you and is accessible at your cool fingertips. The OOK-TEK Bluetooth app allows you to smoothly control:

Are there any special features of the v8 electric scooter?

The electric scooter locks, keeping your ride safe and secure.

  • The lighting switch, illuminating your fast trips with clean, visible light.
  • Speed, battery, mileage display, providing you with the needed data for your ride.
  • Power button – on/off switch, giving easy access to start your quiet and stylish ride.
  • Different modes, like Eco and Riding, cater to your preference for a clean or fun ride.
  • Comfort mode, for those who prefer a smooth, quiet journey.
  • Scooter speed, allowing you to control how fast or slow you wish to go.
  • Options like zero & boost start, for a fast, thrilling start to your commute.
  • Auto-sleep & wake-up recovery mode, ensuring your scooter optimises its energy use.
  • Settings, where you can personalise your iWheel V8 experience.
  • While there may be pros and cons to owning an e-scooter, one undeniable pro is its space-saving abilities. Wherever city life may lead you — busy roads, crowded parking lots, or compact living conditions, the iWheel V8 is the answer. This fast, fun, and foldable electric scooter gives you the ability to store it in smaller places like the trunk of your car or under your desk at the office – truly versatile and cool!


Easy Storage

The cost of this fun electric scooter isn’t just about the price tag. When hunting for the best deals on the market, a discount code, or reviews, it’s easy to get lost in the information overload. But with a retail value of under $800, this unique and cool gadget offers adults a stylish, fast alternative to traditional transport modes. Think of it as your own personal, electric toy making every commute a fun ride.

Budget Friendly

The technical specifications of the iWheel V8 are as impressive as the scooter’s stylish design and cool features. From its compact size and maximum load capacity to its extensive range and smart digital display, every detail of this electric scooter ensures a smooth, fun, and quick ride.

Riders are encouraged to wear a helmet when riding. Please bear in mind, these scooters can go pretty fast. 

The following specifications are the same as in the original text.

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