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Tyre liners for electric bikes.

Tyre liners for bikes

If you are constantly getting punctures and have tried all the other methods like slime or using tubeless sealant, then it’s a good idea to fit a tire liner into your e-bike.

There is nothing worse on a long ride out than a flat tire, especially if you are stranded and need someone to rescue you.

Tyre liners for bikes and electric bikes
If you have a fat tire bike, mountain bike, road bike, or racing bike there are different sizes for the many different bikes, and often you can buy them larger and trim them down with scissors.
Tire liners are the best option because they are simple to fit and you only have to do it once, you place them between the type and inner tube to stop thorns or sharp objects going through the tire into the inner tube.
They are very effective and a very simple solution, they can be a little tricky and fiddly to fix but anyone can do it with a bit of patience, sadly it will not totally eradicate punctures, because it doesn’t stop value failures, which can happen and deflate the tire.
I have run them on a few of my bikes and not had one puncture that has gone through the tire liners themselves, I have been very impressed with how effective they are.
They are usually slightly sticky or thick nylon, it’s very hard to penetrate them by yourself when you examine them
They are not often easy to source as Halfords don’t stock liners for the fat type bikes
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