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Experience high-precision GPS and advanced cycling data tracking with the Meilan M1 Bike Computer. Featuring a 2.6-inch color screen, this device is waterproof, supports multiple sensors, and provides real-time navigation through the Komoot app.

In recent years, cycling computers utilizing GPS technology have surged in popularity. Advancements in technology have made these devices smaller, more efficient in battery life, and increasingly preferred over relying solely on smartphones.

It gives you a good way to track things like your distance covered, and you are able to store that on apps like Komoot, which will also store the routes you have taken on the maps, so you can track where you have been also, as well as giving you ways of analysis and performance to be tracked and reviewed. At a later date


  • Brand: MEILAN
  • Color: Black
  • Screen Size: 2.6 inches
  • Display Type: MONO LCD with Japanese anti-glare technology
  • Battery Life: 25 hours (usage), 40 hours (standby)
  • Screen: High-definition dot matrix screen, white backlight, visible from all angles in the sun.
  • Waterproof Grade: IPX5, suitable for all weather conditions.
  • Wireless: Bluetooth 4.0 / ANT+ connectivity.
  • Operating Temperature: -10℃ to 50℃
  • Battery: 1200mAh rechargeable battery.
  • Charging Time: 3 hours.
  • Storage: 256MB + 16G SD card (included).
  • Dimensions: 8 x 5 x 1.6 cm / 3.15 x 1.97 x 0.63 in.
  • Weight: 78g / 2.8 oz.

Additional Features:

  • Virtual Rival: Set a virtual rival to compete with you and improve your cycling plan.
  • Smart Notifications: Receive call, message, and email alerts when paired with your smartphone.
  • Data Upload and Sharing: Save and upload cycling data to STRAVA/KOMOOT via USB.
  • Environmental Measurement: Real-time display of temperature, pressure, altitude, and slope.
  • Heart Rate Zones: Monitor heart rate ranges to improve training effectiveness.
  • Abundant Climbing Data: Display elevation, cumulative rise, slope, and more.
  • Accurate Measurement: Supports BLE4.0 technology/ANT+ for wireless connection with cadence/speed sensor, heart rate monitor, and power meter (not included).

Additional Information:

  • Highly Sensitive GPS Chip: Precise positioning and global real-time navigation.
  • Cute Eye Connection: Can be connected with Cute Eye smart tail lights to automatically control turning direction.
  • Dual Mode Wireless Connection: Bluetooth BLE 4.0/ANT+ for connecting peripheral sensor devices.
  • Large Screen: 2.6-inch MONO LCD with Japanese anti-glare technology, visible under sunlight.
  • Practical Data Display: Supports up to 48 kinds of data including speed, cadence, heart rate, power, altitude, and more.
  • History Data: Stores about 50 hours of riding data, synchronizes with the MEILAN App, and exports via USB.
  • Professional Climbing Data Display: Shows altitude graphs, cumulative ascent, slope, and more for scientific training.
  • Virtual Rival Function: Compete with a virtual rival on the same road.
  • Training Effect: View heart rate and power zones, and improve training with scientific measurements.
  • Practical Functions: Automatic start and pause, lap recording, and metric/imperial system switching.
  • Curved Air Fluid Body Design: Reduces wind resistance during competition.
  • Waterproof Level: IPX5, suitable for small to medium rain environments.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x M1 Bike Computer
  • 1 x USB Data Cable
  • 1 x F-Mount
  • 1 x Bike Mount
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

Please Note:

  • The M1 does not include speed/cadence sensors, heart rate monitor, or power meter.
  • For ANT+ connection, M1 can connect with 2 C1 sensors (1 for speed, 1 for cadence). For Bluetooth BLE4.0 connection, M1 can connect with 1 C1 sensor (either speed or cadence).

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