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The Cycling Bell Airtag Holder is a multifunctional accessory that not only provides a clear and pleasant sound for alerting others on the road but also offers a secure and discreet attachment for an air tag, enhancing the safety of your bike. The easy installation, sleek design, and performance make it a popular choice amongst cycling enthusiasts.

Cycling Bell Airtag Holder: An Overview

The Cycling Bell Airtag Holder is an ingenious accessory designed to meet the dual needs of modern cyclists in terms of safety and security. This innovative device seamlessly combines the traditional functionality of a bike bell with the added security and tracking features of an Apple airtag holder.

The bell itself is pretty loud and it does make a proper ringing noise, like any normal bell, so It does serve a multipurpose, it also waterproof, however, I have not had mine long enough to say if this is true, obviously airtags are pretty waterproof anyway, so I wouldn’t worry about this unless you are using a different tracker

This means that not only can you use it to alert others of your presence on the road, but you can also take advantage of the AirTag technology built into the holder to keep track of your bike’s location. This can be particularly valuable for electric bike riders, as it adds an extra layer of peace of mind and security to their cycling experience.

The Cycling Bell airtag Holder offers a two-in-one solution, providing safety through its traditional bell function and security through its AirTag holder making it an essential addition to any cyclist’s gear.

Picture yourself riding down a bustling street, using the bell to alert pedestrians or other cyclists to your presence, all while knowing that your bike’s location is being monitored by an AirTag. It’s a small but powerful combination that offers both convenience and reassurance for cyclists.

Moreover, the integration of the AirTag technology allows for real-time tracking of your bike’s whereabouts, providing an extra layer of protection against theft. No matter where you are, knowing that your bike can be easily traced can greatly enhance your peace of mind especially when leaving your bike unattended.

With its seamless integration of traditional functionality and modern technology, the Cycling Bell airtag Holder provides a valuable blend of safety and security for cyclists everywhere.

Theft Prevention

Theft prevention is another crucial aspect of safety that the airtag Holder addresses. By integrating with the AirTag, it acts as a reliable tracking device for your bike. In the unfortunate event of theft or even misplacement, the integrated AirTag allows you to locate your bike, promoting security and giving you peace of mind.

Steps to Mount Airtag Holder on Your Bike

How to open Itag holder
Undo the screw with the very small Allen Key, and then twist the Airtag holder open.

So, you’ve got your shiny new Cycling Bell Airtag Holder in your hands, and you’re ready to attach it to your electric bike. Finding the right spot and securing the Airtag holder properly will ensure it stays in place during your rides. Let’s break down the steps for mounting the Airtag holder securely on your bike.

Step 1 – Opening and Inserting the AirTag

To access the airtag holder, simply use the small Allen key provided to unscrew the tiny screw located at the bottom of the lever. This is the same lever you pull back and release to ring the bell. A gentle turn will open the holder, allowing easy insertion or removal of your airtag . The larger Allen key is for securing the airtag holder to the bike, you just need to undo that really small screw, and then twist the airtag holder open, the space left is actually quite a little bit larger than the airtag itself so it will fit fine, can you obviously can use a different tracker if you have one.

Step 2 – Choose a Suitable Location

As electric bike owners, we understand the importance of finding an optimal spot for mounting accessories. When choosing a location for the airtag holder, consider accessibility and convenience without obstructing the functionality of your bike. Look for a position that allows easy access while riding and does not interfere with the handlebar or other vital controls.

A popular choice is mounting the airtag holder on the handlebars. This allows for easy visibility and accessibility while riding, but some prefer alternative locations such as near the seat or on the frame. It’s important to select a location that suits your preference and provides ease of use without compromising safety.

Step 3 – Secure the Holder

Once you’ve identified the ideal location, it’s time to secure the airtag holder. Most holders come with adjustable straps or brackets that allow them to be fastened firmly to the chosen spot. Measuring twice and fastening once can prevent any unnecessary movement or potential damage while riding. Ensure that you fasten the holder tightly but avoid over-tightening, which could stress the material.

Securing the holder using the provided straps ensures that it remains in place even during bumpy rides or unexpected jolts along the trail. The last thing you want is for your expensive electric bike accessory to go flying off mid-ride!

When it comes to choosing the right Cycling Bell airtag Holder, compatibility with electric bikes is a top priority. A specialised holder designed to integrate seamlessly with electric bike designs is essential. This ensures that the holder fits securely and allows for easy access while riding. Having a holder specifically tailored for electric bikes ensures a smooth installation process and enhances the overall aesthetics of the bike.  I will  be adding a few of these to my site as people do seem to like them

What you get in the packet and overview of features

  • You get the bell and holder the size is 8x7x4 cm
  • 2x Allen keys, one very small key for opening the airtag holding section and one lerger Allen key for securing the item to your bike
  • Suitable for handlebars: 18-32mm
  • Waterproof
  • Instructions are in the box, but it’s easy to fit

If you want to learn more about how to secure your here



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Itag bell holder for electric bikes

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